Avoiding that silo mentality


A frustration of mine in the past has been a ‘silo’ mentality – individuals or teams working in isolation – so as you will have seen, Alan, Derek and I meet and keep in touch very regularly to ensure we avoid this on our watch.

And this was the backdrop to a meeting at the weekend of our respective teams (Commissioners, Trustees and Senior Management Team).

As well as getting to know new faces and discussing old chestnuts we also had a couple of guests to help discuss 'UK Scouting in World Scouting' and 'Scouting and the Future of Membership Organisations in the UK'. Some thought provoking debate and topics for further discussion.

If you don’t already, a similar format might be of value locally for you whether in Groups and Districts to ensure all of your ‘silos’ know where you are going and what the challenges are – only this way can you build the partnerships that will help each other.

Celebrating Founders Day with Girlguiding UK

Tuesday saw us join the Chief Guide and gathering of Scouts and Guides at the regular Evensong Service at Westminster Abbey where we celebrated the birthdays of Baden-Powell and Olave. Many thanks especially to the young people and leaders of GLNE County who helped in the Service.

The week was taken up with a few more 1:1 meetings with my team, some additional media training, working on some exciting development proposals in Merseyside and the Midlands and writing various articles etc. It’s amazing how much time gets swallowed up!

The Big Adventure

For me, my big adventure this week was eight hours sitting on a plane hovering over Guernsey and then sitting in Jersey airport all whilst I was trying to get home on Wednesday.

But, making good use of my time, I looked through some of the Big Adventure stories from last year – there are hundreds of examples of how Groups have used the idea to recruit hundreds of additional helpers.

More everyday adventures for me this weekend as we head into Wales for the last of our DC/GSL Forums; I look forward to seeing some of you on Saturday.

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