Scouts 'put a scarf on it' for social media campaign


This year, we used 22 February to encourage everyone to show their Scouting pride on Facebook and Twitter.

We asked people to change their status and update their profile picture using our i.Scout Twibbon.

By midday, over 500 Scouts had changed their profile. Chief Scout Bear Grylls was one of the first to Tweet his love for Scouting. He posted: ‘I Scout because I’m so proud to be part of the coolest adventure ever. Keep Scouting champs!’

Offline adventures

Some Scouts took the invitation to ‘put a scarf on it’ literally and turned up to work, school and college wearing their Scout necker.

North Northumberland District Commissioner challenged leaders to put a neckerchief on an interesting subject in the community. In Belford village, everyone from the chemist and postmaster, to the GP and a passing delivery driver became ‘Scouts’ for the day. 

Anita McDonald rose the challenge for her Belford Group: ‘Rural Scouting is a challenge that I enjoy, but it is difficult because of the small communities to find willing volunteers to help with activities. This was one way that Scouting could reach local people and encourage them to get involved to make a difference to young people in their village.

‘It just so happened that many volunteers were found. A lady who simply stopped for coffee while planning to move to the village took up the challenge to wear a neckerchief and signed up to be a volunteer on the spot.’

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