MP committee wowed by Scouting


The voice of young people came to Westminster today as MPs discovered how Scouting empowers, challenges and develops the citizens of tomorrow.

Scout Network member Meg Hudson and Derek Twine, chief executive of The Scout Association, gave evidence to the education select committee inquiry into Services for Young People.

Committee members were noticeably impressed by Meg’s submission, in which she recounted how Scouting had helped her turn her life around.

‘Without Scouting, without that support unit, I wouldn’t be here’ she told the panel.

Ownership of activities

The MPs were quick to concur with Derek’s depiction of Scouting activities as a means of helping young people to develop responsibility and decision-making.

‘These skill sets are then transferable into other environments whether it’s in a job role, a family role or a civic role… that’s at the core of what we do,’ he said.

‘It sounds like you are very good at it,’ agreed Lisa Nandy MP.

Opportunities and support

Meg highlighted the ‘amazing support’ she received from Scout leaders and left everyone in no doubt just how important Scouting can be to the lives of young people in communities all over the UK.

‘I’ve had some great opportunities,’ she said. ‘School is something you have to do but young people choose to do Scouts. I’m now a leader because I want to give other young people the chance to experience the same things I did.’

The inquiry is examining the provision of services for young people, both open-access provision and services targeting more vulnerable young people.

Watch it online

You can watch Derek and Meg’s full submission to the committee.

Education committee (video)

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