Day 5 - Considering World Scout Events and the work of conference


The stamina of our younger delegates is starting to fade so they have freely turned over the blog to James Boyle (Global Adviser for Europe) for his unique insight on the conference. At 26, James has had to face the harsh reality that we don’t call him a younger delegate anymore.

After the first two busy days at conference I had been asked to sit on the resolutions committee which met on Wednesday. 19 resolutions and two constitutional amendments were to be considered and I thought the process would take all day in order to seek clarification on all of these.

When leaving the resolutions meeting at 11pm in the evening after some very long discussions and lots of hard work with colleagues from Cameroon, Australia and Lebanon and staff from the World Scout Bureau we headed back to our hotels tired and worn out.

Waking up at 6am on Thursday was difficult but after the constitutional amendments session in the morning we had some interesting presentations from National Scout Organisations (NSOs) hoping to host World events.

Opening the bidding

First the bid for the next World Scout Conference and World Scout Youth Forum, Slovenia and Italy competed and Slovenia won by an overwhelming majority.

Next, the World Scout Moot bid by Iceland in 2017, a great presentation with break-dancing in woolly jumpers! It looked fantastic and I would really encourage people from the UK to get involved.

And finally, the only bid for the 24th World Scout Jamboree in 2019, an exciting joint proposition by Canada, the USA and Mexico.  Congratulations to them for an innovative joint bid and we look forward to attending another fantastic World event.

I’ve also delivered two training sessions on our growth strategy as well as been developing a large number of contacts with other NSOs with whom we may be able to establish partnerships and other co-operations.

Flooding disaster in Rio state, Brazil - words from Wayne

We have been living in the microcosm of the conference with busy days and limited access to television or the internet. It has taken a while for us to become aware of the scale of the flooding disaster which is only a few hundred miles away.

The conference has expressed its condolences to the Scouts and people of Brazil, and on behalf of The Scout Association we have personally met with the International Commissioner of Brazil to express our own solidarity and condolences.

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