Brazil - Day 4: Awards and elections


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Gifts for peace

Throughout the conference we have been shown videos about Scouts in Action across the World: inspirational stories about Scouts taking action in their own communities. Many of these projects have been supported by the World Scout Foundation, and yesterday they were recognised in a special presentation.

The UK and Scouting Ireland were presented with a 'Gifts for Peace' award in recognition of the role Scouting has played in bringing communities together in Northern Ireland over many years. Fiona took to the stage with our Irish partners to receive the award on behalf of the UK. 

Electing candidates for the World Scout Committee

Wednesday morning we voted for members of the next World Scout Committee. We were pleased to support some outstanding candidates, and even more pleased to see a former Youth Adviser, Karin Ablack, elected to the Committee as a real example of the engagement and empowerment of young people.

Karin's election gives us real proof that young people have the skills necessary to serve on committees, and we hope that more young people in the UK become inspired and empowered.

If you currently do not have young people working on your own Group, District or County teams, maybe now is the time to consider a change and involve the young people in decision-making?

We know that some areas are better at this than others, so take this opportunity to share best practice with your neighbouring Groups/Districts etc, and find out how they make it work for them – whether it is through an integrated youth council or a quota of young people on a board, there should be methods in place to support youth participation on a local and global scale.

Discussions in the countryside

We were then shipped off to the Santa Monica Country Club, for a day out in the sunshine (or so we thought) away from the conference hall. The aim of this was for us to sit together in small groups to discuss governance and strategy of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

Fiona attended a session on consultancy where she discussed with the Chief Guide of the Danish Scout and Guide Organisation the impact that development officers in the UK have had. This is something at the forefront of discussions in Hampshire at present, as we look to appoint an LDO to grow the movement through new Groups as a way to reduce waiting lists. 

David attended a session on the role of Youth Advisors in WOSM, and Craig attended a session on ‘leadership for life’ which focussed on developing leadership skills amongst our members.

Unwinding at the end of the day  

We finished the day with a Brazilian barbecue evening, which was hastily moved indoors due to the poor weather, which you have probably heard about. Luckily by this point Craig’s white shorts had dried out, and he was able to have a ride on a rodeo bull (though he didn’t manage to stay on it long and was flung off into a puddle). With music, dancing and games it was another fantastic end to a fantastic day.

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