More of the pipeline and some Christmas messages


Continuing my wander through our current work plans and a reminder of some Christmas messages you should have received.

The Young Leaders' scheme is proving very successful and we are working on initiatives to promote it to potential participants, to investigate external recognition and to develop resources to help young people translate their Scouting skills to employability skills.

What do we mean by being 'youth-led'?

Being a youth-led Movement has been a key element of the 2012 Objectives; it is also one of the more difficult to understand and define. Our Vision 2018 refines this and describes it as ensuring that Scouting is 'shaped and governed by young people in partnership with adults'.

The working group leading this work, led by Gordon Weston, are developing methods to support leaders better in this area, identify ways to promote local engagement and involvement of young people and to produce practical tools to support changing the culture across the Movement.

Involvement in decision-making

The National Youth Representative scheme (providing for youth involvement in Council and on committees) has served us well and has set us on the path of involving young people in more decision making, however it only directly impacts a small number of members and so we are revisiting the scheme and looking at other means of involving young people in decision-making.

Ensuring a quality programme for all, but avoiding 'Ofscout'

Consistency of the youth programme across all Groups and Units is one of these delicate balances – how to address those areas where we know the quality of the programme could be better, whilst remaining sensitive to our volunteers and avoiding the appearance of an inspection body like Ofsted.

In some way, we have made a start with RAG assessments which provide a framework for Groups and Districts to identify strengths and weaknesses and to direct support where it is needed and from whichever source.

Work is underway to define a benchmark for quality and to develop practical measures and support to achieve this locally.This all falls within the wider leadership and management work which Tim Kidd and I have talked about previously.

Help is at hand for the difficult bits

We are also continuing work to support leaders with those programme areas you have told us are difficult, notably practical Scouting skills, Beaver residentials, life issues for young people, accessibility of activities, creative activities and improving the visits abroad support to name a few.

On a similar vein, work on a review of the additional services, or enhancement of existing ones, that could be provided from HQ in direct support of local Scouting is progressing. Areas being evaluated include practical employment support, legal and property services and practical support when developing meeting facilities, Health & Safety and maintenance of properties.

Nearing fruition

Work on the strategic development and planning phase for several key initiatives is nearing the final stage and in the New Year we will be launching our strategies for Scouting Ambassadors, Internal Communications and Public Affairs so watch this space.

And finally...

All adults should have received the following email from Bear, through Scouting Plus:

And managers (GSLs and Commissioners etc) the following message from me:

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