Beaver Scouts celebrate Christmas at special gurdwara service


Beavers in Birmingham have been honoured with an opportunity to celebrate Christmas in a one-of-a-kind service at a Sikh Temple. 

Nearly 400 Beaver Scouts from 16 Colonies across Tame Valley District in Birmingham were invited to the Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha to hold their Sacred Music Celebration on 3 December.

For the past two years Tame Valley has held a District Beaver Carol Service, and this year Tame Valley’s Sikh Group offered their place of worship as an event venue to allow the Beaver Scouts to experience a different faith and culture.

Light-themed celebration

When the Beavers arrived they were taken to one of the halls at the gurdwara where the celebration took place. The service was based on light, and so each colony was asked to find a poem or prayer around this theme. After the event they were able to visit the main room in which the scriptures are kept, and were provided with vegetarian food by the gurdwara.

Excitement among Beaver Scouts

Speaking before the celebration, Lois, a Beaver Scout, was anticipating it keenly.

‘I am very excited to go to the Gurdwara because I know that if I go I am going to have a very good time and learn different things, and I am going to like the food too. Lots of the Beavers are excited to be going as they have heard many things about the temple.’

And Sally, a young leader from the 177th Tame Valley, said,

‘I think it will be very interesting to go to the gurdwara, as I have never been before. I am also looking forward to seeing what the building is like inside and experiencing another culture.’

Tame Valley Scouts are delighted to have been able to hold such an event, and are hoping that the experience will encourage their members and other young people to explore different faiths and cultures, to appreciate the diversity of their surroundings and to help build a more inclusive community.

Glad tidings

If your Scouts are doing something different to celebrate Christmas or other faith festivals, share what you're doing by leaving a comment on this page.

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