A bit of an Oliver moment


I’ve got used to being introduced in many different ways, but Monday was a first though when Ian Hislop, one of our Scouting Ambassadors, introduced me as the person to do the 'crude bit', subtly. I’m not sure anybody has accused me of being subtle before...

Like all good film premieres, we had popcorn first

The occasion was a reception to thank over 50 Scout Fellows (individuals and companies who have pledged to support Scouting financially) and other funders and to premiere the film Scouting: This is our Story – read more about the fantastic evening here. 

The 'crude bit' was telling them there was no such thing as a free lunch, or canapé in our case, and to ask them for more – just like Oliver.

Being quizzed on why funders should support Scouting

One of our guests was Richard Harpin, a very successful businessman and a Scout who recently launched the Entrepreneurs award with us. Passionate about the opportunities for young people and how Scouting makes them happen, Richard wanted to know what we were doing in practice to make a real difference in our communities, and I had great delight in discussing our plans with him and how we use the funds we receive.

Your chance to quiz a successful entrepreneur

Those of you interested in helping young people gain the award, or finding out how  to be an entrepreneur can take part in a teleconference with the man himself on Wednesday, 10November at 6:30pm when Richard will be sharing why he is supporting Scouts.

My day of mountaineering – of paperwork

Back to Gilwell on Friday to catch up with a mountain of administration and paperwork – whatever happened to the paperless society? This included the results to-date of the 'before and after' surveys on the DC/GSL Forums which are showing fantastic feedback from participants. If you haven’t yet attended one, waste no time as the remaining few are filling fast.

Then it was time to leave Gilwell for the short drive to Maidstone, Kent for the latest of our DC/GSL Forums.

Finding out more about insurance

At each of the forums, Ralph Doe of Unity Insurance (Scout Insurance Services) mans a stand answering those endless questions we all have about insurance and promoting the wider specialist cover that they are able to arrange, and often save you money.

I caught up with Ralph on Friday evening for a general chat about safety in Scouting and our claims experience at the moment. Also to discuss ways in which we might share some of these experiences with you – watch out in Scouting magazine and website over the coming months but to give you a flavour, the three riskiest things we do from an insurance perspective are play games, 'freetime' and cycling, oh and DC’s are eight times more likely to make a claim following an accident riding a bike than a section leader!

Word of caution though, don’t ask him to lend you a book. I caught him in the bar reading a book on Outdoor Activities and Liability Claims, yours for just £65 from any good bookshop he told me – I wasn’t buying!

It’s the 6th, it must be the South East Region

The DC/GSL Forum in the South East region (East) on Saturday was tough (I’m not sure what they put in their water across there, but they made us work very hard) and it was another great day.

Something special

Our hobby is fantastic, and we meet many special people along the way. For me, it was Les and Sylvia Munns on Saturday, who were so keen to join us for the GSL Day and ensure their Group knew what was happening that they didn’t let the fact it was their Ruby Wedding Anniversary get in the way. Hopefully they made it down the road to Ashford in time afterwards for a train to Paris for dinner courtesy of their best man! Congratulations Sylvia and Les, and thank you.

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