Cub Scout Leader performs in Commonwealth Games closing ceremony


Richard Bolt, a Cub Scout Leader from Milton of Campsie, near Glasgow, has just returned from the 19th Commonwealth Games in Delhi, where he took to the stage as part of a cast of 352 people in the closing ceremony. The eight-minute spectacle took place in a stadium of 60,000, and was watched by an audience of one billion worldwide.

The cast came from all over Scotland, representing all areas of volunteering, and their performance marked the culmination of three weeks rehearsing six days a week, from 9am to 6pm and sometimes even later.

He was given the opportunity to take part in the event as a member of a uniformed youth organisation in Glasgow, and raised travel funds through doing a 10k sponsored run and organising a rag bag collection, with generous donations from the Lottery Fund, local businesses and his own Cub Pack.

‘The reason I got a place was to represent the uniformed organisations of Glasgow, and I have never been so proud to do so!’ said Richard.

Richard learned his stagecraft as part of the Glasgow Gang Show, where he is the longest-running current member, having been in the cast for 14 years. His experience stood him in good stead for the ceremony.

‘Although it’s completely different performing in front of 400 at Gang Show to 60,000 here, you still had a little bit of stage presence and knew how to stand and when to smile.’

And his Scouting background raised some smiles backstage too.

‘I got a bit of stick off the other cast members, as I was always the one that was prepared. If you needed a pen you came to me, if you needed paracetamol you came to me. Even when... you needed loo roll you came to me!’

Glasgow will be the next city to host the Commonwealth games in 2014, and Richard is already excited about the opportunities that the event might bring for Scouts in the area.

‘I really want to be an ambassador for the Scouts to get involved as much as we can. I was delighted to learn on our return flight that the participants of 2010 have been accepted in some capacity for 2014, so I will be there with, I hope, some of the cast of Gang Show and my own Cub Scouts.’

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