Among the most worthy


An exceptionally busy weekend, nationally and locally, featuring Bear out and about, IST selection weekends, DC/GSL Conference, national presentation to Queen's Scouts, activity assessor training and thousands of people enjoying Scouting.

Scouting about London

But before all that, I spent Wednesday catching up on Scouting in London, firstly in a meeting with Dean Milton, Regional Commissioner and Mark Tarry, Deputy Chief Commissioner of England.

In the evening, I visited the 23rd Camberwell in the Borough of Southwark to join their Cub meeting and discuss some issues they are currently tackling. For me it’s important to keep reminding myself of the everyday challenges groups are facing and helping to find solutions for them. It was also great to chat to the Cubs and find out what is really important, in this case Bear’s autograph!

Queen's Scouts - 'the most worthy'

Whilst Bear was out and about meeting thousands of Members across the South East, it was my pleasure to chat to 160 Queen's Scouts who attended the national presentations at the Science Museum in London. We were also joined by Bear at lunchtime.

Listening to their stories of expeditions, residentials, unstinting service to others, new skills and a multitude of activities never ceases to amaze me and Saturday was no exception. It's no surprise that Her Majesty describes them as the 'most worthy members of the Scouting Movement'. They certainly inspire me to try to ensure that we offer all young people the same opportunities.

Taking a look at Scout Network

I’d spent the Friday evening with Emma Saunders, Programme Adviser in our 6-25 team, Adrian Wray, UK Adviser for Network and Eleanor Lyall, Chief Commissioner of Scotland and we had plenty of time to discuss development of the Network section, how we can better support and promote the Queen Scout Award and other elements of our youth programme. Having them all there ensured that the day itself went smoothly (largely due to Emma’s organisation I have to say).

Vision Towards 2018 in the North East

I managed to get to King's Cross in time for the train to Middlesbrough where I joined the North East Region County Commissioners who had gathered for a meeting between the Development Advice and Support and DC/GSL days. I have to confess to wimping out early and retiring to my room, exhausted.

Sunday saw the first of our combined DC and GSL conferences in England. In addition to sharing our Vision Towards 2018 and seeking input on what this means for them locally and what support they require to make it happen, the open Q&A session allowed them an opportunity to throw questions at us.

These ranged from the creation of Scout Active Support units, our IT services, our position on atheists in Scouting, confusion regarding first aid training and safeguarding requirements. If you are in Scotland or the North East Region you can now ask your GSL and DC’s to share this information so you can start engaging in our future.

A Chance to join in

If you are in one of the other Countries or Regions in England, make sure your GSL and DC are planning on attending their session.

And finally...

It was great to round off the weekend by bumping into 70 very excited Beavers plus their leaders who were returning to Scunthorpe having had a great day out at the York Railway Museum. This is a great example of a massive everyday adventure for them and a very big thank you to the leaders and parents who made it happen is warranted. 

I think they have several budding Queen's Scouts and leaders in their midst.

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