Catching up


My holidays were quickly forgotten as I got home at the end of August and began to get into the swing of all things Scouting. But first a very big thank you to Tim who so ably held the fort with his entertaining and engaging thoughts. Fear not, you will  be hearing more from Tim through the Scouting magazine Focus supplement and website.

I was also able to ’keep my hand in’ towards the end of August when I was invited to join several of the Groups camping in Guernsey and it was, as always, great to see Scouting in action. I am particularly grateful to the 1st Toddington for providing Julie and I with an excellent dinner and evening's entertainment at the end of their summer camp. Complete with a District Commissioner who claims to do the washing up!

Back to Gilwell

As August drew to a close however, minds turned to the beginning of the new term and Gilwell Reunion. It was great to join over 2,000 adult members for a weekend of fun, activities and learning through a range of over 106 bases and activities and a multitude of internal and external groups keen to share how they can support leaders in delivering the programme.

Reunion is also a great opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as colleagues and so a large amount of business, well talking at least, takes place. Put the first weekend of September in your diary and come along a see for yourself.

Due north

Gilwell Reunion was quickly followed on Monday with a visit to Huddersfield and a meeting with District Commissioners and members of the County Team following earlier meetings with Vicki, recently appointed Regional Commissioner for the North East of England and Mark, the County Commissioner for West Yorkshire.

The AGM on Monday evening was particularly interesting for me because, for a first, I got to speak at the beginning of the meeting rather than the end, which meant that I didn’t have to spend the whole of the meeting in nervous anticipation, or having to amend my notes as those before me covered some of the key topics!

This is just as well, because West Yorkshire are at the forefront of a number of the initiatives that we are currently taking forward to develop and support local Scouting.

As always, it was great to learn first hand of the challenges that are being encountered.

Mission launch

11 September saw the Annual General Meeting and launch of our Vision Towards 2018 – just as well then we can celebrate my next blog as the 100th.
Watch this space...

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