Launch of Gilwell Park's first Faith Walk


At Gilwell Park on Friday, a group of 40 Scouts and invited guests witnessed the unveiling of the Faith Walk - a tour of the faith buildings and areas at the UK Headquarters of Scouting.

The project, which has been five years in the making, was launched as the result of representatives of five faiths working together to produce information boards that have been installed on the site.

Speaking at the launch, Sheridan Allman, the UK Adviser for Diversity said: ‘The Faith Walk is a step in the right direction for many faiths working together to achieve something special.’ Andrew Donn, a member of the Faith and Beliefs Project Team  who worked on the project, added: ‘The walk is intended to be a personal journey of discovery – by going round we can increase our awareness of other faiths.’

‘Not what you expect’

The walk was officially opened by Derek Twine, Chief Executive of The Scout Association, accompanied by Millie, a Cub Scout from Devon, who was camping at Gilwell Park. While going round the walk, Joe, a Scout from the 1st West Coker in Somerset, said that there was plenty of information, but not too much. ‘My favourite part was seeing inside the buildings; it’s not what you expect to see.’ Ryan, from the same Group, had learnt ‘about the different ways people pray.’

Also taking part in the walk was Hannah, an Explorer Scout from Bedfordshire, who was interviewed for one of the signs. ‘It looks amazing,’ said Hannah. ‘I like talking about my faith, and because my dad’s a vicar, my friends all know about it, so that makes it easier.’

Buddhist blessing

It is hoped that the Gilwell Faith Walk will lead to similar multi-faith Scout projects in other parts of the country. Also on Friday, the Buddhist Sala was blessed by Venerable Ajahn Khemadhammo (OBE), a monk of the Theravada Buddhist order. The Buddha in the Sala was donated to Gilwell Park by the Boy Scouts of Thailand, to commemorate the centenary of Scouting.

Further information

Spiritual development is an important aspect of Scouting. Visit our faith page to learn more.

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