Enterprise and adventure with the Entrepreneur Challenge


On Thursday, BBC Radio 2 Breakfast presenter, Chris Evans, was presented with the inaugural Scouting Entrepreneur Challenge. This celebrates the skills on show when Scouts demonstrate a mind for business.

The new scheme has been delivered in partnership with Homeserve. The tasks stipulated will help Scouts become more self-confident and also help build team working skills. To complete the challenge, Scouts may present a business pitch to a panel of local business people, just like real entrepreneurs in the BBC programme, Dragons' Den.

Leadership, creativity, effort

This is the first time The Scout Association has actively promoted business skills.

However, values such as persistence, innovation and hard work are intrinsic to both enterprise and Scouting, as Programme and Development Adviser, Steve Moysey explains: ‘Scouting has always existed to promote leadership, creativity and effort and we want to apply these values to today.

‘There has never been a more important time to encourage entrepreneurship in this country. We hope this will foster the business leaders of tomorrow that our country needs.’

Richard Harpin, Homeserve Chief Executive, believes the new activity material will drive future industry: ‘Homeserve is delighted to support the new Scouting Entrepreneur Challenge. I look forward to helping Scouts across the UK develop the skills that they will need to drive the businesses of tomorrow.’

‘Well worth it’

The scheme has already been trialled in various districts across London. Emily from North London, one of the five Scouts who presented Chris Evans with an award, is enthusiastic about the scheme: ‘I am really enjoying working towards this new Challenge. Although it is hard work, it is well worth it. It’s given me great experience for the future. Richard Branson had better watch out!’

A number of activities have been developed in conjunction with the Entrepreneur Challenge which leaders can access online. A special young person’s resource will be available within the next few weeks.

Chris Evans was recently named as an Ambassador for Scouting. The popular DJ will promote the benefits of the Movement to a wide audience and his expertise will be a valuable resource.


The National Enterprise Academy is also running a special competition which will give Explorer Scouts the chance to turn their passions into business ideas.

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