Brussels Day 4


Time to look forward today, with consideration of the future work plan for the next three years, presentations on future world events, a chance to share good practice across Europe and several receptions.

Agreeing what to do for the next three years

A draft of the proposed European Scout Plan had been prepared following the European Symposium held in Hungary back in March and circulated in June which gave delegations an opportunity to consider them before the Conference, submit amendments/suggestions and to prepare for the discussions through the morning. You can see a copy of the plan on the European webpage.

Sharing good practice

Several NSO’s hosted sessions sharing projects that had received support and funding from the European Region which included a rejuvenation of the youth programme, adult volunteering and diversity game to name just a few.

And more receptions

Today’s receptions and interest group gatherings include one for the International Scout Centre at Kandersteg and one hosted by the 'Nordic' group of countries to introduce Karin Ahlback who they are supporting as a block as a candidate for the World Scout Committee, the elections for which take place at the World Conference in January.

We also received presentations on future events such as the World Conference and World Scout Jamboree to be held in Japan in 2015, the theme of which will be 'one spirit of unity' – nothing like a bit of advanced notice.

An evening off

The evening kicked off with a reception hosted by WAGGGS to celebrate the centenary of Guiding – and to enjoy the results of a competition they held to find the best pink cocktails (pink, or magenta to be precise, is the brand for their celebrations) – not sure what exactly was in them, but the non-alcoholic version was very nice.

Tuesday was also our 'free evening' so we took the opportunity to find a small restaurant away from the conference centre and to join the GGUK delegation for a relaxed dinner, lots of laughs and general banter.

Keeping up with the usual stuff

Although we are in Brussels for five days, of course, everything else goes on as usual so I’ve been busy with a few other issues, including our review of the Swimming Rules which progressed with a meeting of the group looking at matters on Monday afternoon (I hope to be able to share an update at the weekend), dealing with a few disputes sadly, responding to Escout questions and finalising plans for the Chief Scout Survival Camp event on 31 July.

Talking of the Swimming Rules, we were very lucky to have James with us as the restaurant was next to a very large puddle (water feature, to be fair) and with the temperatures still around 30 degrees we were all very tempted to jump in – and James has the necessary Pool Lifeguard qualification. Luckily, we see the dog standing in the middle and quickly agree that regardless of how good James is, we no longer fancy a quick paddle.

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