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Increasingly items are popping up in my inbox or that I come across that make me stop and think. I had just one of those moments last Friday when I came across a video that has been produced by Cheshire’s County Scout Network.

Cheshire County Scout Network have been developing a range of interactive media and have launched it though their You Tube channel . In addition to YouTube, the video is being circulated on DVD to each of the Network Chairs/Leaders and representatives in the Explorer section in each District.

Take a look for yourselves, I was struck by the energy and enthusiasm that is clearly apparent from the video.It is easy to see why the Scout Network in Cheshire is on the up!

I’m told that this has much to do with the energy of Adam, the County Scout Network Commissioner and the guy behind the video. Over the past 12 months Adam and his team have put a great deal work into reshaping the provision of Scout Network in Cheshire and they seem to be reaping the rewards.

They seem to have struck the right balance between the achievement of awards, provision of Scouting challenges and international expeditions whilst retaining it’s youth focus and ensuring that everybody has a great time; which is very apparent from the DVD. Well done Cheshire.

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