Learning about B.S.W.E. and valuing great support


Another busy week dominated by swimming, and not just in respect of our rules but against a tide of meetings, correspondence and a very enjoyable weekend with the British Scouts in Western Europe.

Tuesday was one of those bonus days I get 3 times a year when I can have some face to face Scouting meetings without leaving Guernsey. The Board of Scout Insurance (Guernsey) Limited meet 3 times a year (as I have explained before, it is the insurance company underwriting a significant proportion of the Association’s insurance for our liability and property policies and a small number of others).

It also means that Derek, CEO, visits the Island for the meeting and there is an opportunity for us to spend time later to catch up on a number of other matters. I also met with Richard, recently appointed Chairman of the Developments Grants Board (and resident of Jersey, we'll forgive him!).

The DGB has been one of our success stories over the last few years and now provides significant funding for a number of local development projects, especially the employment of Local Development Officers across the UK.

We have some challenges going forward, both to ensure that we have sufficient funding for these projects and also  that the projects are aligned to our vision for the future of Scouting. This was a chance to discuss these and other elements of the Board's role with Richard and brief him on what my team are up to.

Back to B P House on Thursday to join a number of colleagues and former colleagues at a reception to mark the retirement of David, The Association's Secretary, who has just retired after 32 years service to Scouting at the World Bureau, Scottish HQ and TSA. Such occasions bring out numerous stories and in David’s case many examples of a commitment to the Movement of the highest degree - I will certainly miss his invaluable advice and guidance.

I took the opportunity beforehand to start a series of consultations  regarding the future of the Adult Support function in my team and how we support adults in Scouting. More of which another day.

British Scouts of Western Europe (B.S.W.E.) provide a great opportunity for members of TSA who wish to continue with their involvement whilst living in Europe and it presently has groups in the large English speaking communicates in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy and Germany.

Julie and I were delighted to join them for their AGM on Saturday and to spend the afternoon and evening with them at their conference  – luckily it was Julie that got to join in the management game whilst I met with the Martine and Raoul, General Commissioner and International Commissioner respectively of FNEL, the Luxembourg Scout Association who joined us for the afternoon. I think I had the better deal on this occasion judging from her teams efforts with the cubes!

On Sunday it was back to Gilwell after a leisurely morning in Luxembourg, and to prepare for opening the District Commissioners induction workshop on Monday. And a chance to catch up with a few of the DC’s in the bar of course…….

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