Tackling some depressing research on the views of adults towards young people


According to research undertaken by YouGov for the youth charity, Jack Petchey Foundation (www.jackpetcheyfoundation.org.uk) almost one in four adults (24%) aged 26 or over say they feel uneasy when they see young people (those aged 11 to 25) on the street and cross the road to avoid them. Furthermore, a third of adults (34%) believe young people have no respect for others.

In Scouting, we know that simply isn't true but clearly we are not getting the message across that there is a very different side to today's young people, not least for the million or more Scouts and Guides across the UK who demonstrate so many more positive attributes every week. So what more should we be doing?

Perhaps its a topic to discuss with your Scouts, Explorers and for you Network members to consider - what, if anything, would they like to see us doing about it, or indeed what support would they like to get the message across themselves locally?

Please let me know what you think, and the ideas they come up with.

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