Scouting changes lives


I’m penning this at the end of a week of mixed emotions but one which has reminded me that we should not underestimate the impact that Section and Unit leaders can have on the lives of young people, no matter how long they may be with us for or the frequency of their attendance. And the burden that puts on us as managers to understand why they may have different attitudes, values and priorities than we do to provide appropriate support and resources.

Sheridan writes of the differences between generations and this has been a key theme in our research into the next phase of our vision. Understanding what motivates different generations is a key challenge for us if we are to ensure that future generations benefit from the significant imprint we can make on that piece of paper.

This has recently been brought home to me as we have been searching for a Chief Commissioner of England; the expectations that many have for roles such as these make it very challenging if we are serious about appointing younger and more diverse leadership teams. These challenges apply equally at local and county level as nationally. But are we ready to challenge those perceptions?

As we look to make our New Year resolutions, don’t just wish for the impossible, take a minute to step back and perhaps review what you have done over the past year and how, with the benefit of hindsight, you might have done it differently. Also, perhaps think of one or two things you can and will do to make that dream come true for some of the 30,000 pieces of paper just awaiting our imprint…..

You may just be surprised how relatively easy it is to challenge the status quo and make those wishes come true.

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