Joining lists of adults - pipedream or reality?


Since joining 68 recently appointed District Commissioners for their induction at Gilwell on Monday I’ve spent a whole six days without travelling – which has meant a lot of catching up with correspondence, reading and the good old business objectives. My reading included good news regarding the continued growth in enquiries from those wanting to join together but was mixed with some initial feedback from various projects that have been taking place to manage these enquiries.

Not surprising perhaps is the anecdotal feedback that volunteers recruited centrally and placed into a group do not stay as long as those identified by a Group and recruited locally. Hardly a surprie perhaps when you consider the strength and bond within many Groups – but it does highlight even more our challenge in recruiting.

So, what to do with those adults offering their services in increasing numbers, but without an immediate role for them to undertake locally? Clearly, we need to acknowledge their offer and keep in touch with them whilst we identify something for them to do. To ignore them will significantly undermine our future appeals for help and damage our reputation. You could even register them for Adventure News so as they receive regular contact from us letting them know what we are up to.

I’m sure like many of you I keep a note of names that I come across, or offers that people make for future reference – in effect, a waiting list of potential volunteers for future use so why not do something similar for those adults offering their services, but for whom there is no appropriate need in the short term. They may of course make ideal members for Scout Active Support units, where they could join immediately.

Joining lists for adults; a reality, no pipedream.

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