Ever wanted to ask a burning question or seek advice from fellow Scouts?


Used correctly, the internet can be an excellent resource for very many things including help with your Scouting.

One in particular that I find very useful is Escouts. Escouts is a free online community that allows Scouts to get ideas, exchange views and communicate better as well as providing free hosting services for local websites. Escouts was founded by Richard Fairbairn in 2001 and is also paid for by Jonathan Bloor and Daniel Haigh.They also have around 30 volunteers who help run Escouts and who are all actively involved in Scouting.

Escouts is wholly independent of the Scout Association although HQ volunteers and staff occasionally participate and will happily respond to questions.I’m a fairly recent convert in the past year or so having been frustrated with unmoderated chat rooms and since my appointment I have been very happy to contribute to a formal Q&A forum.

Escouts are rightly proud to be independent and Richard points out the freedom this brings to talk from the heart about Scouting on the moderated forum and, as he says “it is an incredibly well behaved forum, but then again we are Scouts!”.

If you haven’t taken a look before then visit their website and see for yourself the wealth of experience, ideas and support you can find. Feel free to pose any questions to me on our strategy, policy, vision etc. For more operational matters, you will get a better response form the Info Centre however!

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