Enthuse and Inspire part 2 - a great weekend


You may already have seen the report from the National Conference. Feedback to date has been fantastic, but the thing that struck me most is the really high level of energy and confidence that all participants exuded. It bodes well for the future...

So often I get frustrated when we try to do ourselves down, we talk about our glass being half empty, rather than half full but there was none of that at the weekend. That’s not to say that people had their rose tinted glasses on and were ignoring the challenges. There was plenty of agreement that we needed to support section and unit leaders better, to empower young people more and to facilitate their greater engagement in the organisation. But on this occasion, there was also an acceptance that we have already made great improvements in those areas.

Not long ago that we sat in committee meetings saying ‘if only’ things like our PR, image and recruitment were better – well those days have arrived and we have achieved a makeover that reality TV would be proud of. We planned for the Centenary and worried that our leaders would leave on 31.12.07 – they didn’t.We worried that people wanting to join us would peek on 1.08.07, Sunrise Day – they certainly didn’t and we continue to see record numbers of enquiries.

In short, we have great momentum, we are on a roll and I’m convinced from what I hear and see from all around the UK that we have many examples of overcoming the challenges – retaining adults, being flexible, teamwork and inspirational leadership.

I committed to your line managers our support to make the most of these opportunities and I challenged them to give that same support to your Districts, Groups and Units.

Increasing numbers of young people in the UK can look forward to a great future with us.

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