'Scouts Speak Up' sessions at this year's political party conferences.


Events are taking place at the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour political party conferences over the next few weeks where four questions will be discussed in an interactive and informal format by young people in Scouting and MPs, Councillors and prospective parliamentary candidates.

These events are a great opportunity for young people involved in Scouting to have their say on the issues that matter to them and talk directly with those who seek to represent them. If you can't make it, or would just like to give your own views on the issues being debated please do so below.

The issues being debated are as follows:

  • It would help change the perception of young people if...
  • The best way to tackle climate change is....
  • The way to get more young people to participate in the general election would be to....
  • The top issue for me at the next general election is....

Find out more about the Scouts Speak Up events.

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