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Got back to Heathrow on Monday and made it to Baden Powell House with five minutes to spare for a dinner meeting with the four Regional Commissioners in England South. Our final “team” meeting from my previous appointment and a chance to thank them for their support; its hard to imagine that we have been working together for nearly three years already.

We met twice a year, and twice again with all RC’s and Regional Development Managers in England. It’s a good chance to discuss issues raised by County Commissioners and others and to discuss what more support may be required. In particular, we are presently discussing whether or not our approach to handling want to join enquiries is the best.

A chance on Tuesday to catch up with a person that we are hoping to appoint as UK Commissioner for Programme. He says yes, so it’s off back home all smiles. A conference call meeting of the search group on Wednesday evening for this and the Chief Commissioner of England roles confirms the nomination which we now make to the Headquarters Appointment sub committee for their consideration, and hopeful approval. The search for a Chief Commissioner isn’t going so well and so it’s back to the drawing board for now. Perhaps we expect too much for some of these roles?

It’s soon Friday and off back to Gilwell for a day in the office there catching up with correspondence and administration. I also review the St George’s Day award nominations from my direct reports and for HQ volunteers to ensure some consistency before they are submitted to the Awards Board for the same review as all other nominations (no special treatment here, I assure you).

It’s also a chance to join some of the new trustees who were appointed at the AGM and are at Gilwell for the day as part of their induction to find out what they have let themselves in for!

Saturday sees the first meeting of the new Board of Trustees; members gather from across the UK on the Friday evening for a chance over a buffet dinner to get to know each other a little better and to informally discuss some of the items on the agenda. Often, the most productive part of the meetings!

This meeting is largely administrative, as the Board agrees some work to look at its sub committees and operating procedures following reduction in the size of the Board and other governance changes approved a couple of years ago and now implemented. A summary of the minutes will shortly appear on the website.

An earlier than expected finish means a comfortable journey to Gatwick airport, a couple of  hours in the lounge there to catch up with emails and share a summary of decisions made with my team before getting back to Guernsey. I do so, just in time to join Guernsey’s Big Beaver Sleepover for a campfire and hot chocolate; it’s the only way I’m going to see Julie and Francesca this evening!

A productive and enjoyable week on balance; I’ll leave you to work out the highlight…

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