Are you thinking creatively about recruitment?


I still have vivid memories of counting down the days to my eighth birthday so that I could join the local cub pack in Warsash. I cannot imagine how disappointed I would have been then to have been told that I could not join them because they had no places.

We can only offer Scouting to everyone who wants to join if we are prepared to think a little differently and be more flexible. Why not consider meeting alternate weeks so twice as many young people join in, splitting your leadership team but continue to programme plan together?

Alternatively, could you do your Scouting at the weekend? Could you add another four young people, remembering on average at least one of their parents will be willing to assist you? 

Success breeds success and the more young people that join, the more parents you will potentially have available to help you.  One or two may be willing to help regularly, but you will only know if you actually talk to them and invite them to assist you.

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