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Hannah Kentish, The Scout Association’s first ever UK Youth Commissioner, says hello...

Getting started

It’s extremely exciting to finally be able to announce my new role on the National Team, working closely with Wayne Bulpitt, Matt Hyde and Sir Alan Craft. The past month has been an absolute whirlwind of learning for me as I’ve met with Association Trustees, Wayne’s team and a whole host of staff members at HQ to prepare for the launch today. I’m particularly looking forward to getting started with my deputies, Jay and Jagz (pictured above with me), as we embark on this awesome journey, working towards a Movement shaped even further by young people in partnership with adults.

My first official visit

It was also a great pleasure to join the Welsh Youth Council at the ScoutsWales AGM this weekend, in my first official visit as the UK Youth Commissioner (see if you can spot Wayne in our selfie below!). It was the first of many visits I will be making around the UK to meet as many young people (and adults too!) as possible, who are striving to make an impact on Scouting in their local areas, as well as for me to learn a bit more about some of the great youth involvement projects and events which are out there already.

Hannah Selfie

Stay in touch

As it’s my first blog, now is the perfect opportunity to share with you the best ways to keep up to date with what I’m getting involved in as your UK Youth Commissioner. You can follow me on Twitter @hpkentish and like my Facebook page at – both of which I will be updating regularly.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about what’s to come in the near future; I’m thrilled to be playing a leading role in a movement that provides 450,000 young people across the UK the opportunity for everyday adventure that, even if they don’t know it yet, will change their lives forever.

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