Scout Adventures Gilwell Park - Wintercamp Youth Engagement Coordinator

This is an exciting opportunity for a volunteer to recruit and lead a Youth forum, having a major influence in the planning and delivery of the programme at Scout Adventures Wintercamp at Gilwell Park. As part of the Scout Adventures Event Team you will work in conjunction with the Programme Team, to shape and deliver a high-quality event.

Ideally this appointment would be for a number of years, allowing you to work towards, as well as leading, the youth development of the event. Your key responsibilities in the first year will be to join the planning process to develop programme ideas and to coordinate the setup of a youth forum, who will influence the programme and delivery of the event.

In future years, the key responsibility will shift towards developing Wintercamp at Gilwell Park in line with other Scout Adventures Events and the Scout Adventures brand and values. This role may include the initiation and management of youth focused projects to improve the user journey and event experience for young people, leaders and volunteers. The role offers the opportunity to lead and inspire young people and volunteer teams to deliver the best event experience possible to all stakeholders.

How to apply

Please read the application pack

Applications and nominations close on 17 June.

You can apply by filling in the online nomination form.

Once the shortlist is drawn up, the interviews are expected to take place at the end of June. Shortlisted candidates will be notified of the timings and given an outline of the selection process and the format of the interview day.

Further information

If you require any further information about the process or the roles, please contact Ulrike Stuebner by email at