... to communicate the Skills for Life plan

Roll out the updated brand across the District and help your Groups to do the same by explaining the benefits. Use the brand activation guide and resources that can be found on the Scout brand centre.

Resources for Districts to communicate and take action on the Skills for Life plan

Skills for Life plan: A guide for DistrictsSkills for Life booklet (for Scout members) Skills for Life presentation (for Scout members) Skills for Life booklet (for an external audience) Skills for Life presentation (for an external audience) To download an action plan template, video files, Skills for Life PowerPoint templates or print batches of the booklets visit the Strategy 2018-2023 section of the Scout brand centre.

... to support Growth

Ensuring all sections are active in a Group helps retain young people. Use the following resource and seek support from the Regional Services Team (England) to create new provision and ensure all Groups and Districts are complete. Guide to Opening a New Section
Use the data and the suggested opportunities in the Census Information Report, which you can access through the Census Dropbox. Use the Development Planning Toolkit, a member of the Regional Services Team or equivalent role in the Nations can help you with this. 
A great programme will attract and retain young people. Work with your team (including Assistant District Commissioners) and your County/Area Commissioner (including Assistant County/Area Commissioners) to provide practical skills events that best suit your local context.

Take a look at the guide below to support a quality programme.

Programme Support: A Guide for Scout Districts

... to support Inclusivity

The Inclusivity RAG Assessment resource is designed to understand how you are doing in relation to being open to all and what actions you could take to develop further.
For support and guidance on inclusion we provide further information on the Scouting for All pages.

... to support Youth Shaped

There are resources to help you appoint a Youth Commissioner including a role description.

You can find the Youth Commissioners resources here
Use the new resource, A Guide to Youth Commissioners, to help support Youth Commissioners and develop a Youth Shaped Scouting action plan. 
Use the Young People on Committees resource to understand how best to support 18-24 year olds on executive committees and use the Executive Committees for Young People resource for 18-24 year olds who have just been appointed or are interested in an executive committee position.

... to support Community Impact

Running quality community impact projects is an essential part of a great Scouting programme and we’re aware that these projects take planning and time. A Million Hands provides ‘off the shelf’ resources for leaders making it easier to deliver the Community Impact Staged Activity Badge.

Take a look at the A Million Hands resources.

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