By 2023: 

  • Scouting will be running in more schools, working closely with existing local provision 


For decades Scouting has been delivered in schools enabling us to extend our reach and broaden our impact by focusing on young people who would benefit most from Scouting. Schools offer resources, space and volunteers so we can deliver the programme to more young people who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to get involved in Scouting. 


Through funding from the Department of Education, we were able to pilot different models of Scouting in schools. To find out about the pilot projects and research, visit


This initiative is dependent on securing external funding. 

Our initial focus will be on: 

  • seeking out partnerships with education providers 
  • securing further funding to expand Scouting in schools. 

Next steps for volunteers 

  • We encourage volunteers to support Scouting in schools where it already exists and build close relationships with local schools and community leaders. For information about Scouting in schools, visit