By 2023: 

  • we will have evaluated the effectiveness of the Network (18-25) programme 
  • we will review the Explorer Scout (14-18) programme to increase retention 
  • we will ensure that Young Leaders (14-18) are well supported, recognised and can articulate the benefits of their experience 


We want to help young people get the best possible chance in life and make sure that through the skills they learn in Scouting, they are prepared for jobs and further study as well as living happy, fulfilling lives. 

Across the UK, our membership numbers start to decline after the age of 11. We know that one of the reason for this is that at this age young people are faced with new pressures at secondary school. We want to further explore the reasons young people drop out of Scouting, and how we can attract and retain those over the age of 11. 

We also know 14-25 year olds want more support connecting their experiences to employability and further education. They want to be able to articulate the skills they have learnt in Scouting, especially the advanced skills acquired during international expeditions, including global awareness, responsibility and independence. 


This work hasn’t started, however we are exploring how we will work with NCS in the future, which will impact upon the Explorer age range. We will update further when this work is in progress.

Next steps for volunteers 

  • There are currently no actions for volunteers