By 2023: 

  • we will work with employers and education organisations to improve their understanding of what Scouts achieve 
  • we will help young people to better understand and talk about the skills they have developed as Scouts 


Through Scouting young people are prepared with skills for life; the character, practical and employability skills that they will carry into adulthood, helping them to succeed. 

We also know 18-25 year olds want more support connecting their experiences in Scouting to employability and further education. They want to be able to articulate the skills they have learnt in Scouting, especially the advanced skills acquired during international expeditions, including global awareness, responsibility and independence. 

We want the Scout Programme to be widely recognised by employers and further education organisation/institutions as a high quality programme that prepares young people with the right skills and knowledge they need to excel. 


This initiative is in the planning phase. 

Next steps for volunteers 

  • There are currently no actions for volunteers