By 2023: 

  • we will ensure that volunteers have the tools and resources needed to communicate the benefits and diversity of Scouting in a consistent way 


To increase our reach, relevance and reputation, it’s vital that our volunteers have the resources they need to create high quality, branded communications that clearly communicate skills for life as the key benefit of Scouting. Our testing suggests that the public will respond well to our new brand. When presented with materials in the new brand, for example, parents were 44% more likely to volunteer. 


This initiative is in the planning phase. 

Following the brand review, we are now focused on developing a wide range of high quality materials, tools and resources to raise local and national awareness of Scouting. The key aim is to increase our visibility and public understanding of our key benefit: skills for life. 


A wide range of posters, flyers, banners, social media assets, imagery and videos are already available on the new Scout brand centre. These can be personalised with local details to support local awareness of Scouting and adult recruitment. 

We will be working closely with local Scouting to find out what resources are most urgently required, across both print and digital channels, and will be looking for new and innovative ways to raise our public profile and support our volunteers. 

Next steps for volunteers 

  • There are currently no actions for volunteers