By 2023: 

  • we will have an updated, consistent brand across all Scout Groups, Districts and Counties 


Independent national research, conducted over five years, showed that the public did not clearly understand the benefits of Scouting and had outdated perceptions of Scouting. Scouting was not seen as relevant to society today. 

Our old visual identity, including our logo was created 17 years ago in 2001, before social media and did not work well online or at small size. 


In line with the recommendations made in the Skills for Life Communications Strategy, the Board of Trustees agreed to a review of the Scout brand. The aim of this work was to make us more relevant, increase our reach and enhance our reputation. 

Following research and testing with over 7,000 people, both inside and outside the movement, the Board of Trustees approved a new brand and visual identity for Scouting in March 2018, to launch alongside our new strategic plan in May 2018. 

Independent national research showed that ‘skills for life’ was the phrase that helped the public best understand what Scouting does and encourages most people to get involved. Skills for life are character skills like resilience, initiative, independence and tenacity, employability skills like leadership, teamwork and problem solving and practical skills like coding, cooking and first aid. They are the skills that help young people succeed in life. 

Our testing suggests that the public will respond well to our new brand. When presented with materials in the new brand, parents were 44% more likely to volunteer, 14-18 year olds were a third more likely to join, and parents from BME backgrounds were 44% more likely to volunteer and 69% more likely to send their children to Scouts. 


This initiative is live. 

We now have a new visual identity (including logo, font and colour palette) tone of voice and brand position. Our brand is now focused on two things: ‘skills for life’ and ‘belonging.’ We will talk about skills for life as the key benefit of Scouting, while showing fun and adventure, and conveying a sense of belonging. 

It is now easier for volunteers to describe the benefits of Scouting (skills for life), leading to better public perception, increased understanding, and support for Scouting. 

There are now better tools and resources for local Scouting. The new visual identity and logo is easier to use in print and online, and our new brand font is free. 

There are minor changes to our section brands to bring them in line with the new main Scout brand. 

Next steps for volunteers 

  • Talk positively about skills for life as the key benefit of Scouting. 
  • Take a look at our brand guidelines and the brand activation guide in the new Scout brand centre which also contains a wide range of print and digital templates, from banners, posters and flyers to a logo generator and social media templates. 
  • Review and update your print and digital materials over the two-year implementation period and encourage others to do the same.

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