Scouting is for everyone.

There are all kinds of famous people who were once Scouts, some of whom might surprise you. Many former Scouts when on to become rock and roll stars. Find out who in our blog.

Here are a few more examples of Scout alumni!

  • Sir David Attenborough, naturalist
  • David Beckham, footballer
  • Tony Blair, former prime minister
  • Russell Brand, comedian
  • Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur
  • Jarvis Cocker, musician
  • Billy Connolly, comedian
  • Richard Hammond, tv presenter
  • Lucie Jones, singer and actress
  • James Martin, chef
  • Andrew Murray, tennis player
  • Sir Paul McCartney, musician
  • Barack Obama, US president
  • Joe Pasquale, comedian
  • Jeremy Paxman, journalist
  • Keith Richards, musician
  • Steven Spielberg, film director
  • David Walliams, comedian

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