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  • Blog| Scouting at night



    When the lights go off, the stars come out and the forest wakes up. Just because the sun’s gone, doesn’t mean the adventure is over. In fact, Scouting can be quite magical at night. 


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  • Blog | Scouting skills to use at uni


    Super Uniform 1024 512Px

    Hello Uni! Just because you’re going to spend less time outdoors camping and more time indoors studying, doesn’t mean that your Scouting expertise are going to be any less useful. Brace yourself for you’re about to conquer Fresher’s Week with your Scouting skills 

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  • Blog | Autumn hikes


    Autumn leaves

    The leafs have gone from green to yellow to red and we're all excited to put on our coziest autumn clothes and take our boots on an outdoor adventure. Here are some of the best places to explore with your Scout Group this season. 

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  • Blog | Seven superb ways to celebrate Diwali


    Diwali Blog

    The word Diwali means ‘rows of lighted lamps’ and it’s the name of the Hindu festival that celebrates light over darkness. For us in the northern hemisphere, this is the start of the darker months and we want to spread some light with these superb activities you can do with your Group.

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  • Blog | Scouting your way to your dream job


    Scouting Your Way To Your Dream Job

    Confidence, teamwork, resilience... Scouting develops just the sort of skills employers value. Show that you would be an asset to any team, by translating your Scouting skills into a language employers want to hear.

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  • Blog | Celebrate World Literacy Day


    World Lit Day

    Celebrate the way words connect us this World Literacy Day with this list of empathy-building books for young people.

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  • How to talk about natural disasters with your young people


    Irma Blog

    Stories of Hurricane Irma and the devastation caused in the Caribbean have been all over the news. Young people may ask questions about the current situation and natural disasters, so we’ve provided some activities that you can use to help them understand the situation.

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  • Blog | Top 5 highlights from Reunion 2017


    Fire Low Res

    Scouting members from around the world gathered at Gilwell park last weekend to celebrate last year's successes and prepare for the year ahead. Here's a round-up of highlights from Reunion 2017. 

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  • Blog | Five minute fillers for Cubs



    Keep your Cubs busy and moving with a quick dance game! This game will help them be active as well as improve their listening skills.

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  • Badge Support | Entertainer Activity Badge



    Working towards these badges can be a great way for creative and outgoing young people to really shine while encouraging those who are shy or more reserved to come out of their shells and develop confidence.

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