Communications Manager (Engagement)

The Communications Manager (Engagement) (CME) will join the Communications team of British Scouting Overseas, which currently has two other members.

Your main role as CME will be to link with Districts and Groups that are spread across the world and encourage communication. You will also be regularly sourcing and generating content for our various media channels and engage in the promotion of British Scouting

Overseas Main Responsibilities
• Consolidate the development and implementation of internal and external communication strategies to ensure that BSO communicates In a consistent, accurate, professional, timely fashion
• Ensure the effective use of communication and promotion resources, including the website, social media as well as more traditional approaches.
• Provide creative, editorial and operational support for communications projects.
• Work with the media team of The Scout Association, taking advantage of resources and support where relevant.
• Encourage and support Districts in relation to their communications needs.
• Work with Districts and Groups to publicise local events, activities and achievements and to encourage and facilitate sharing within BSO and internationally.
• Analyse and report on all aspects of communications.
• Prepare and manage the annual communications budget to ensure appropriate and effective spend on communications costs.

Skill Requirements
• Experienced in a communications role, especially the use of online tools and social media
• Good time and workload management skills
• Good interpersonal skills
• Proactive
• Innovative
• Good IT skills
• Knowledge of Office 365 is a plus
• Experience in website editing is a plus

Appointment Requirements
Must successfully complete the Appointment Process, which includes acceptance of The Scout Association Policies and clearance for suitability to work with Young People.

Training Requirements
Must complete Module 1 within 5 months of full appointment. This training gives a grounding in your role in Scouting as a lay member. Much of this can be completed on-line through a Training Advisor.

Application Method
Feel like joining the team? Send us an email to and tell us a bit about you and what makes you a suitable person for the role. Looking forward to hearing from you.