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Scouting ambassadors are prominent people who support us in transforming the lives of young people. They are representatives for Scouting, and use their knowledge and experience to benefit the movement.

Thanks to their high profiles they can promote Scouting to everyone, encouraging more people to volunteer and more young people to join. They also get the chance to show fellow peers and professionals just how much fun Scouting is.

We are proud to have the following people as Scouting ambassadors:

Lord Sebastian Coe
Lord _CoeLord Sebastian Coe is a double Olympic champion and 12-time world record holder in athletics. As the chairman of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, he was instrumental in delivering a successful London 2012.

'I wasn’t ever a Scout but I was very honoured to be asked to become an Ambassador for the Scout Movement two years ago. I left it a bit late to join but I got there in the end.'

Julia Bradbury
TV presenter Julia Bradbury, is well know for her love of the outdoors, and has a passion for adventure

'I've had so many "outdoor adventures" – walking, abseiling, rock climbing, and paragliding to name just some and I can't really pinpoint one amazing moment because each one is thrilling in its own way. The Scouts are brilliant as they really give people those opportunities too to experience adventure. For me, the last one is the best, but the great thing is that there is hopefully another one round the corner to top it!'

Chris Evans
Producer and presenter for TV and radio Chris Evans is the current host of the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast show, and a recent recipient of the Scouting Entrepreneur Challenge Award.

'I love the fact that Scouting has gone international. It's brilliant. When we did it, it was always good, but it was a lot more localised, and it seems to have really come into the 21st century, which I think is really important.'

Ian Hislop
Ian Hislop is editor of Private Eye, and a successful broadcaster and writer. Best known as team captain on the current affairs quiz Have I Got News for You, he also presented a Scouting documentary to mark the Centenary.

'The principle of Scouting hasn’t changed and this makes it just as relevant today as it ever was ... It is essentially about turning around the lives of young people by giving them experiences they wouldn’t have, and a lot of that means just going outdoors. That seems to me as good an idea now as it’s ever been.'

Ed Stafford

Explorer and former Cub and Scout Ed Stafford is a world record holder for the longest jungle expedition ever undertaken. He is the first man to ever have walked the length of the Amazon River.

'I feel that my love of adventure really came from those first night camps I went on with the Scouts. Getting outdoors was always the best part of Scouting for me.'
Justin King
Justin King is CEO of J Sainsbury plc, and has supported Scouting personally and through our successful partnership with Sainsbury’s for many years.

'I believe that the values that guide Scouting and the opportunities if affords young people to grow personally and support their communities have never been more relevant. As a large employer we always look beyond academic qualifications when recruiting young people; an involvement in Scouting is a great way for them to demonstrate they are made of "the right stuff".'
Dawud Wharnsby
Canadian Dawud Wharnsby is a singer-songwriter, poet and performer, supporting Scouting in the UK and internationally.

'I believe Scouting offers something valuable to communities. It's about trying to work together to solve some of the fundamentals of community. If we can solve those problems, indirectly, a lot of the big issues will start to subside.'
Richard Harpin
Founder and Chief Executive of Homeserve, Richard Harpin is one of the UK's leading entrepreneurs and sponsor of the Entrepreneur Challenge.

'I myself got such a lot out of Scouting, that it’s wonderful I can give something back with my support of the Entrepreneur Challenge. These young people are the future leaders of business, so we need to be encouraging them in every way possible.'
Local ambassadors
As part of the ambassadors strategy we want to bring on board some bespoke local ambassadors in Counties/Regions.

We have people who support us nationally, but we want to encourage Counties to bring on board their own people specific to the area. These people will support Scouting in the same way that the national ambassadors do, but they will be linked to that particular part of the UK.

The ambassadors team is here to support and help those who want to bring their own ambassadors on board.

There are a number of things we can do:

  • Help identify who would be good for an Ambassadors shortlist
  • Discuss the best way to approach them
  • Find contact details if needed
  • Give advice on the official letter, which will include the commitment expected of Ambassadors
  • Advise the best way to chase up on an answer
  • Once the first Ambassador has been engaged, look at which other people could be brought on board, keeping in mind the need for a diverse spread of people.

If you want to know more please contact the Ambassadors Team.

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